La sal de la vida – hasta el 30 de julio 2017

Gracias a todos los que hicieron posible la exhibición y la inauguración de la Sal de la vida en el Museo de la Ciudad de Cuernavaca, MuCiC. Nuestras obras están en exposición hasta el 30 de julio 2017 y pueden ser compradas. Bienvenid@s! La invitación, versión en español Thank you to all of you that made the exhibition … Continue reading La sal de la vida – hasta el 30 de julio 2017

Nopal leaf No. 3 at Kunstverein, Munich, Germany

I created Nopal leaf No. 3 some time ago for a private collection. However, with the initiative of Darius Mikšys, contemporary artist, it is now part of the ongoing exhibition Hayward and Tamayo. The exhibition includes works by the Hayward Gallery in London and the Museo Tamayo Arte Contemporáneo in Mexico City. The private collector agreed to lending … Continue reading Nopal leaf No. 3 at Kunstverein, Munich, Germany

Absolut Chameleon

I have admired the Absolut Vodka brand ever since my early teens. It was not the content in the bottle that interested me. I was too young back then in the late 90’s. It was the advertising that drew my attention. The shape of the bottle, the colors and the design, that felt astonishingly modern … Continue reading Absolut Chameleon

Goliath beetle

Goliath is a sustainable sculpture inspired by the African species of the male beetle Goliathus regius. Goliathus regius, or the Royal Goliath Beetle, is one of the largest beetles on Earth. It belongs to the Scarabaeidae family and is present in western equatorial Africa. The length of a male beetle is about 50–110 millimetres (2.0–4.3 in). They have a black … Continue reading Goliath beetle