Koza – as time passes

Koza is an abstract piece that seeks to show how the living as well as the non-living change as time passes and what can be the consequences thereof.

As time passes, the living and the non-living things change. That is exactly what happened with this log. It suffered the passing of time as sunlight and rain cracked its wood.

Koza is created from a naturally cracked log. Each crack is painted in a different color with the intention of showing a beauty and harmony that is the result of the passing of time.  

Koza seeks to show how things suffer the passing of time but how, and if we want, can find beauty and harmony in the wear and tear as well as in aging and decay.

The word Koza sounds as “cosa” in Latin Spanish meaning “thing”. The word “Koza” comes from the Czech language and means “goat”. It is intended to be a wordplay relating two terms: “goat” and “thing”. I found the log near a goat barn by the Amacuzac River, Mexico. This is the reason for linking “goat” to “thing”.

Davit Nava, Koza, 2016, acrylic on post-natural-disaster wood, 20.5 x 17.7 x 11.2 in / 52 x 45 x 28 cm

Koza, front view. Photo by Pablo Vicente
Koza, top view. Photo by Pablo Vicente
Koza, detail. Photo by Pablo Vicente

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