My art pieces are for sale through art galleries in Mexico City, Cuernavaca, Puebla and Tepoztlán (Mexico).

For any questions you may have, please feel free to contact me. Click on the images below to see and read more.

Absolut chameleon
Absolut chameleon (2016)
Onnellisuus - Happiness
Onnellisuus – Happiness. As time passes (2016)
Nopal leaf abstract No. 2
Nopal leaf abstract No. 2. Side representing Chaos (2016)
Mimus, an award winning chameleon
Mimus, an award winning chameleon. Sold (2015)
Charles. Permanent exhibition at Harvard University.
A Chameleon at Harvard. Donation (2015) to Harvard University
Nopalera, an allegory of diversity
Nopalera, an allegory of diversity, representing the state of Morelos, Mexico (2015)
The Think-Rethink Chair
The Think-Rethink Chair (2015)
Lola (2015)
Leopoldo (2015)
Hikuri Roshgadol
Hikuri Roshgadol (2014)
Nopal leaf
Nopal leaf. Sold (2015)
Goliath (2015)
Bird, Ucellino
Birdies, Ucellino
Panther chameleon
Panther chameleon
Jackson, the three species chameleon
Historias de Estambres - un pedacito por Morelos
Historias de Estambres – un pedacito por Morelos

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