Building Bridges

I believe we should aim towards shaping our lifestyles so that it will have the minimum impact on the environment – or none whatsoever – in order for us to enjoy a healthy life on a healthy planet.

Back in time, more precisely in 1999, when I was a 12 years old boy, I took a life decision: be the voice of those that do not have one and speak out loud about the injustices that human race was causing to nature. By “those that do not have a voice” I mean other creatures and species; our non-human fellows.

Back then; I co-founded a project to save marine turtles from extinction in the Mexican Pacific coast. Nowadays, in my late 20’s I am committed to spreading environmental awareness by making sustainable art.

My artwork seeks to exhibit lifelike shapes, colors and textures of nature to stimulate people’s curiosity and wonder towards nature with the intention of building bridges based on mutual respect between all creatures and species that inhabit this world.

Each piece seeks to transmit simultaneously two messages:

– Say no to taxidermy. No life form should die for the desire of humans to enjoy its beauty

– Nature’s beauty has a positive impact on our daily life and is essential for our inner harmony and conscience

No one can do everything, but everyone can do something, By changing our routines and behavior every day – even small changes – for more sustainable options matters in the long run. What can you do to lead a more sustainable life?


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