More birdies

All birdies are made out of post-natural-disaster wood. Every birdie is unique, no two birdies are exactly the same.

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Abstract paradise bird
Abstract paradise bird
Crimson and aqua birdie.
Crimson and aqua
Black and pink birdie.
Black and pink
Yellow and natural wood birdie.
Yellow and natural wood
Yellow liquid birdie.
Yellow liquid
Yellow and green birdie.
Yellow and green
Yellow headed, pearly tailed birdie.
Yellow headed, pearly tailed
White and beige birdie.
White and beige
Triangular birdie.
Rosas birdie.
Red headed green birdie.
Red headed green
Red headed white birdie.
Red headed white
Red and gold birdie.
Red and gold
Red and blue birdie.
Red and blue
Red birdie.
Raspberry liquid birdie.
Raspberry liquid
Red pearly head birdie.
Red pearly head
Red chested pearly tailed birdie.
Red chested pearly tailed
Orange and green pearls birdie.
Orange and green pearls
Peppermint birdie.
Yellow headed, pearly tailed birdie.
Yellow headed, pearly tailed
Ocell blau.
Ocell blau
Red headed, striped birdie.
Red headed, striped
Natural wood and pearls birdie.
Natural wood and pearls
Multicolor trio of birdies.
Multicolor trio
Lemon birdies.
Lime green birdie.
Lime green
Blue-headed graphic birdie.
Blue headed graphic
Blue-headed, turquoise, lime tailed birdie.
Blue headed, lime tailed
Green, orange pearled birdie.
Green, orange pearled
Cherry blossom birdie.
Cherry blossom
El tricolor.
El tricolor
Red and gold birdie.
Red and gold
Green, yellow beaked birdie.
Green and yellow beaked
Green and orange liquid birdie.
Green and orange liquid