The Jäger & Jansson Easter exhibition at Marsvinsholm Castle, Sweden

The Jäger & Jansson Easter exhibition 2018 will be held at Marsvinsholm Castle, Ystad, Sweden, starting on 30 March. A Davit Nava collection of birds made out of post-natural-disaster wood will be on display together with the art works of more than 40 artists.  The Marsvinsholm Castle dates back to the Middle Ages but is today … Continue reading The Jäger & Jansson Easter exhibition at Marsvinsholm Castle, Sweden

Goliath beetle

Goliath is a sustainable sculpture inspired by the African species of the male beetle Goliathus regius. Goliathus regius, or the Royal Goliath Beetle, is one of the largest beetles on Earth. It belongs to the Scarabaeidae family and is present in western equatorial Africa. The length of a male beetle is about 50–110 millimetres (2.0–4.3 in). They have a black … Continue reading Goliath beetle

Onnellisuus – Happiness

Onnellisuus is a sculpture consisting of six wood cubes that form an abstract installation. The word ‘Onnellisuus’ is Finnish for ‘happiness’. I believe we build our own happiness based on what we consider important in life and what we give priority, for example health, family, friends, love, beauty or wealth. We all define happiness differently … Continue reading Onnellisuus – Happiness