Mimus, an award-winning chameleon

Mimus is a hybrid sculpture inspired by two different species of reptiles: the Chamaeleo calyptratus and the Iguana iguana. The Chamaeleo calyptratus is a chameleon, endemic to the south of the Arabian Peninsula. The Iguana iguana originates from the American continent and is found from Mexico to Brazil. I’m particularly fond of sculpting chameleons as … Continue reading Mimus, an award-winning chameleon

Jackson, the three species chameleon

Jackson is inspired by three different chameleon species: Furcifer petteri, Furcifer timoni and Trioceros jacksonii. Furcifer petteri and timoni are both endemic to Madgascar and are, sadly, endangered species. Meanwhile, Trioceros jacksonii is native to East Africa, but has been introduced to Hawaii and Florida. Jackson is fully covered by thousands of cristal and clay beads. It took 4 … Continue reading Jackson, the three species chameleon


These two reptiles; a chameleon and a gecko, are hybrids, creations inspired by the mexican tradition of  making alebrijes. The alebrijes are usually imaginary creatures made by combining the different physiognomic elements of different animals into one creature. The results are very often astonishing. The imaginary creature becomes real. The chameleon Hikuri Roshgadol, in green, blue and … Continue reading Hybrids