Artist’s statement

By painting and sculpting lifelike forms, I seek to transmit simultaneously two messages:

1) Say no to taxidermy. No life form should die for the desire of humans to enjoy its beauty

2) Nature’s beauty has a positive impact on our daily life and is essential for our inner harmony and conscience

I believe it is more important than ever to spark the interest among people at all levels of society in safeguarding the environment for future generations.

I seek to be a change agent by creating sustainable art, earning a living as well as leading a way of life that enables me to bring people closer to nature and at the same time raise public awareness on environmental issues.

Waste and post-use material is therefore my main source of raw material for creating art. When creating, promoting and selling my art, I am committed to choose alternatives that have the minimum impact on environment or none whatsoever.

Working with local NGOs and volunteering in community projects is another important factor in raising awareness.

Creating sustainable art and networking provides us with a forum for discussions on how to shape our lifestyles so that it will have the minimum impact on the environment – or none whatsoever – in order for us to enjoy a healthy life on a healthy planet.